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X-HMT TM by X-Chair

X-HMT TM Product Design and Launch

Roles: Product Designer, Packaging Design, Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, Email Marketing and User Experience Designer

Date / Time: July 2020 – April 2021

Tools: Figma, Adobe XD, Zepplin, Mailchimp, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Blender, and Miro

The Challenge


X-Chair is well known in their marketing efforts to being an ergonomic office chair supplier. In order to create an engaging and innovative product, X-Chair had a hurdle to overcome. How do you communicate heat and massage to an office chair? With an already existing customer base, how can you leverage sales to the new product upgrade?

Discovery & Research Analysis

X-Chair has a well known brand which made it possible to get easy adoption of the new product. The challenge was to let current product owners know that the X-HMT was an additional upgrade / new chair. Most adopters of their products are single purchase transactions.

To do so a clear sense of function and use was needed. My involvement was to show the massage and heat portion of the design.

Massage terms and imagery are usually gentle hands, large devices that are not mobile, and are not typically chairs.

However this led to the idea of motion and heat. The product must communicate its key feature of being a massage chair that is part of the office.



Early illustration and packaging of the X-HMT

Massage ideation: Gentle and Warm

Super Novo Saddle. What comes to mind for massage chairs.

Customer Personas

Man Smiling towards the left.

Sir Cumference

Age: 23

Job / Occupation: College Student

Goal: Needs a compact chair that can serve different functions.

Sir is looking to find a chair to relax in as he continues his studies online. Sitting on the computer for hours and studying is stressfull.

Portrait photo of a woman in an open field

Penny Tool

Age: 34

Job / Occupation: Business Owner

Goal: Looking for an improved seating experience

Finding the time to come into the office has been difficult. Penny is looking for the right exectutive chair that can be mutli-functional for when she is working and serves as an everyday chair.

Little girl laying on grass

Gunther Beard

Age: 45

Job / Occupation: Remote Worker

Goal: Improving his office ergonomics

Gunther is a employee with a spending stipend. His company started to convert their roles to remote. As so he wants to find the best seating that can provide reflief as he works.


Concepts & Insights

Communicate the functions

The name of the product X-HMT does not afford any functions. All media must try to show that the chair has Heat Massage Therapy.

The product is an upgrade from ergonomic to therapudic

An experience must be told to existing customers about their missing functions. This story must also serve to provide warmth and care.

Motion and Heat

The product is smaller than the typical massage recliner. Emulating motion and heat is the best course to explaining its use and features.

Ideation & Mockups

Sketch related to animal icons.
Sketch related to buttons and typography.
Sketch related to screen layouts.

Early concepts of the imagery, packaging, and product animations.

Site map of the Zoo. Full illustration.
Site map of the Zoo. Facility and shops..
Site map of the Zoo. Green dots are locations of interest.

Early User Experience journey describing the functions and design of the X-HMT

Style Guide


255, 255, 255
Dark Grey
0, 0, 0
Neutral Grey
196, 196, 196,
X-Chair Red
237, 28, 36


  • Good Times Regular
  • Exo 2 Semibold Condensed
  • Open Sans Regular, Semi-Bold, Bold, Black

Designing Heat and Motion

A large part of the UX and web design focused on driving the functions of the X-HMT’s core features: Heat, Modes, and Intensity.

X-HMT Landing Page

Experience the design at X-Chair.com/x-hmt-heat-and-massage-chair

Marketing Materials ranging from photography touchups, social media advertising, email-marketing, and animations

Solution & Impact

X-Chair’s XHMT TM is now a standout product that brings together home and office seating. New and familiar customers can now look forward to an improved home office seating experience. A clear understanding of Heat Massage Therapy is here to stay.

Check out X-Chair at CES 2021!

Designed virtual tradeshow booth for CES 2021