Logo of the Project

Winter Olympics Sapporo Japan

Proposal Presentation

Roles: Researcher, Graphic Designer, and Visual Designer

Date / Time: Four Weeks. March 2019 – April 2019

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

The Challenge


This assignment was given to me in my online course at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. As a design sprint, the challenge imposed was to select a country and city for the Winter Olympics in 2022. My selection for Sapporo Japan in the Hokkaido prefecture is a returning spot for the Winter Olympics in Japan.

Discovery & Research Analysis

A heavy part of the research was academic. A common theme for a Winter Olympics presentation is a way to advertise the country and culture. Revisiting Sapporo Japan, the goal for my research was to find ways to link the ancient Ainu of Japan to ancient Olympia.

Ainu tatoos on hands, arms, and face.
Ainu women singing.
Symbol of Hokkaido
Ainu traditional dress

Ainu Tattoos, Ainu women chanting, Sapporo Japan Symbol, and Ainu embroidery

Ainu tatoos on hands, arms, and face.
Image of Goryokaku
sapporo 1972 poster

Goryokaku Castle Plans, Modern Image of the castle as a park, and logo poster design

Concepts & Insights

Unifying diversity

The Ainu of Japan are not represented well or known. Using the Ainu and their culture as the style, the Winter Olympics can make a steps to diversify.

Defining Legacy

Tokyo Japan introduced the usage of minimal pictograms into the Olympics.

Connecting nature

The previous poster and design of the Sapporo Olympics aimed to connect nature and people.

Sketches & Ideation

Pictogram concepts
Concept sketches for logo
Pictogram concepts

Concept sketches for logo in aims to incorporate a winter, Japan, and Ainu. Pictogram sketches on the end.

Style Guide


255, 255, 255
94, 118, 183
Dark Blue
66, 104, 175
0, 0, 0
247, 181, 33
13, 177, 75
Light Blue
0, 148, 210
188, 69, 73


  • For Body: Hiragino Sans W3, W5, W7
  • Other Page Elements: Meiryo Regular

Designing the Logo

The logo is based off a snowflake and a castle defended by the Ainu before the industrialization of Japan.  The created logo is a combination of the following designs, culture, and ideals that hold the Ainu, Japan, and the Olympics together. Making use of the Ainu and Japanese designs maintains a message of unity and progression for the Olympics.

Logo of the Project
Winter Olympic Pictograms

Designing the Pictograms

Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics introduced pictogram symbols into the Olympics. These simple illustrations allowed for quick communication of the sport depicted. 

The major anatomy of these pictograms features thin curves and triangles to portray the human form. Hollow items are used for objects to separate man and nature. The color white connects human beings and nature through the work in junction to the Ainu and Shinto beliefs.

The pictograms are stylized with the snow moving from left to right helps signify progress and strength through the pictograms.

Event flag for Apline Skiing
Event flag for Skeleton
Blue Shirt Design
White Shirt Design
Lanyard Design

Design Deliverables and Mockups depicting flags, shirts, lanyards.

Solution & Impact

With a strong economy the Winter Olympic Games of 2022 can find a home in Sapporo, Japan in Hokkaido. With a strong presence of winter sports since the previous Olympics, a diverse culture, and facilities Sapporo can once again be home to unity and culture for the Winter Olympics. The previous success of the 1972 games can only be a clear indication for the success of the Winter Olympics and a return back to Sapporo, Japan.


iPhone with map app open to go through zoo.

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