A Fishing License and Information App

Roles: Researcher, Data Analyst, User Screener, Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, and User Experience Designer

Date / Time: Three Weeks. April 2020 – May 2020

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Miro, Mobbin, Zeplin, and Lookback


The Challenge


The previous National National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation had an increase of near 20%.  I want to create a strong experience moving forward for the growing number of fishermen coming to the sport. 

To achieve this, making the purchasing process more streamlined and more accessible is vital. There are a number of fishermen that still do not use digital products or services to conduct their purchases or research. 


Discovery & Research Analysis

Nearly a third of respondents use digital tools and platforms for the sport of fishing. Yet, all of the survey responders do not purchase tackle or fishing needs online.

“I usually go to the Walmart and get my license there. It was busy because the were several people in front of me. One guy was getting a gun and I had to wait for an hour.” – Participant 2

A pie chart detailing the results of a question at 100%.
A pie chart detailing the results of a question at 66.7% No versus 33.3% Yes using digial platforms for fishing.

Competitive Analysis

Through my findings the main issue is that the applications do not have clear avenues for obtaining a fishing license. The experience is different from state to state leaving no familiarity between the product. 

Although a neighboring state such as South Carolina may accept a Georgia fishing license, the apps used between both states vary differently. Apps also point towards online sites instead of being native to the application itself.

Screenshot of South Carolina fishing app. On the way to purchase a license.
Screenshot of Georgia fishing app. On the way to purchase a license.

Concepts & Insights

Make an accessible interface and minimal interface

By providing a design that is minimal, users can achieve their goals more effectively.

Provide only the information users actually need before they fish

It is not reliable to be on a fishing trip and depend on a cellular device. Fishing trips can be long.

Users need to find their fishing stores

When it comes down to it fishermen still rely heavily to get their information, tackle, and bait from a physical location.


Sketches & Ideation

Affinity Board containing information from research, surveys, and interviews.
Field notes sketch depicting a home page and navigation menu.

Affinity Diagram, Early Sketch, and Crazy-8 Sketches


Development regarding login and accessibility was a concern for many of the fishermen in the surveys and interviews. The low fidelity prototype reflects these concerns and aims to remedy the issue before moving into the other functions.

A low fidelity screen for the login.
A low fidelity screen for the main menu..
A low fidelity screen for the password.

Validation, Usability, Feedback


Participants attended a self user test with instructions to test usability.


“What I need from this app is my license. I do not want to wait so long.” –  From a participant that felt as if the application was unclear.

“I don’t need the app looking like a game.” –  From a participant that expressed frustration


Sending off the low-fidelity designs gave more information regarding the flow of the design. An insight gained is that fishermen need a quick way to identify their needs, otherwise they lose interest.

Style Guide


255, 255, 255
Grape purple
91, 24, 52
0, 0, 0
Darkish purple
136, 35, 71
Hot pink
236, 0, 140
Rust red
186, 17, 0


  • Montserrat Alternates, Bold, Black
  • Roboto, Regular, Medium, Black


With the insights, feedback, and usability a finalized iteration of topbait included an optimized flow for users, direct buttons, increased legibility, error pages, and an extended screen.


High-Fidelity Prototype

Experience the design on Figma

Iterated Screen on IPhone X. Login Screen.
Iterated Screen on IPhone X. Search Screen.

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Solution & Impact

Topbait provides a clearer and easier flow and accessibility for all types of users. The impact of having an application with this much ease of use can increase the amount of new fishermen for the upcoming years.

Application home screen opened on an IPhone X being held in hand.