Enhanced Gaming Experience

Roles: User Experience Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer, Packaging Design, Graphic Designer, and Visual Designer.

Date / Time: Novemeber 2020 – April 2021

Tools: Figma, Adobe XD, Zepplin, Mailchimp, Yotpo, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Blender, Miro

iPhone X with Zoo Atlanta Prototype Splash Screen.

The Challenge


Communication and interaction is the largest hurdle for all types of products driven to Gamers, E-Sports, Streamers, and hobbyists of gaming. MAVIX’s goal is to bring seating ergonomics to gamers who are more than familiar with a racing styled chair.

The gaming scene does not look too well to ingenuine products that do not aim to enhance the gaming experience. The roles of all team members on this project is to effectively communicate and build a reliable, confident, and necessary product.

Discovery & Research Analysis

The average gamer plays about 7 to 8 hours a week.

The biggest issue is visual communication. Gamers spend a great deal of time looking at graphs, charts, interfaces, and screens. A solid style is needed or else the experience can feel awkward.

Gamers are not educated about seating ergonomics.

The audience is on the younger end of the spectrum. Marketing materials must be targeted deliberately.

Gamers come in different play types: Casual, Hobbyist, Professional, and E-Sports Athlete.



Customer Personas

Man Smiling towards the left.

Guile Masters

Age: 32

Job / Occupation: Network Admin Remote Worker

Goal: Find a comfortable chair that does not hurt his back.

After work Guile comes home and games on his favorite console. He tries to sit as close as he needs to his gaming monitor. His chair does not support him well after an hour or so of gaming. There is always a bit of soreness after gaming.

Portrait photo of a woman in an open field

Cortana Valentine

Age: 22

Job / Occupation: Video Game Streamer

Goal: Needs a chair that can provide comfort for her demanding job.

Cortana streams 6 to 10 hours a day playing First Person Shooters. Her work is very important and so is her health. Most gaming chairs are not designed to provide comfort for that allotted amount of time.

Little girl laying on grass

Sora Oak

Age: 19

Job / Occupation: E-Sports Athlete

Goal: Finding a chair that can improve his gaming skill.

Finding a chair that can help increase gaming performance is a large factor to Sora. Spending time and effort to find the right equipment can only help his career being the best.

Concepts & Insights

Be direct and simple

Creating a simple and minimal design helps users navgiate the brand. Video games have a great deal of visual clutter.

Provide information for users quickly

Presenting information to users quickly can save time so that they can get back to gaming.

Educate all users when warranted

This must be achieved with tooltips, guided flows, and easy navigation.

Sketches & Ideation

Early flowchart of the website. Provided by team members.

Early concept sketch of chair

Early pattern wrap for fabric

Early mockup of M5 chair

High-fidelity mockup of M7 Chair

Ideation and information heiarchy notes.


Product Page

With the insights, feedback, and usability a new iteration of product page is in development. Users have a hard time knowing the differences between the chairs.

Lo-fi Screen on IPhone X. Information Screen..
Lo-fi Screen on IPhone X. Search Screen.
Lo-fi Screen on IPhone X. Information Screen..



With the insights, feedback, and usability a new iteration of the MAVIX MOB page was developed.

Lo-fi Screen on IPhone X. Information Screen..

Validation, Usability, Feedback


Weekly meetings to analyze the usabilty with stakeholders. Taking the information and make stronger designs.


“What’s the difference between Infinite Recline and Extended Revolve Recline? No guys – there’s a difference!” – From a Streamer talking to their Live Chat

“Is the difference between the models just the color?” – From an email sent from the contact form

“So are the influencers early adpoters only? What about smaller creaters?” – From a stakeholder that is well versed in the gaming culture.


There is a great deal of information not being communicated to all types of users and customers. Conducting a closer study and understanding how the audience conduct communication can help eleviate certain problems. Imagery and Icons can help greatly.

Style Guide


255, 255, 255
210, 210, 210
0, 0, 0
153, 237, 221
15, 15, 208
0, 29, 76


  • Space Mono
  • Helvetica


Product Page

With the insights, feedback, and usability a new iteration of the Product Page included an optimized flow for users, icons, visual heirarchy, and tooltips to help educate users.


With the insights, feedback, and usability a new iteration of the MAVIX MOB page includes a stronger presence of newer members. Design created with MAVIX design team.

Latest iteration as of 2/1/2021

Designing the Imagery and Thumbnails


The design for the product page and other assets are stylized to be easily recognizable. To achieve this a great deal of detail has been stripped from the architectural models of the chairs. Details are only added to help guide users to understand the differences between each model.

Other design materials ranging from product image styling, mockups, landing page banners, and packaging design.

Solution & Impact

MAVIX has emerged as a new contender from the standpoint of the future of gaming. By learning to communicate to all types of gamers the brand presence will reach areas of gaming other companies have not been able to achieve.


Check out MAVIX at CES 2021!

Designed virtual tradeshow booth and landing page