Infographic Part 1

Infographic Poster

Gender Issues In the Video-Game Industry

Roles: Researcher, Graphic Designer, and Visual Designer

Date / Time: Four Weeks. September 2018 – October 2018

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

The Challenge


Being a new medium, the video-game industry is providing modern entertainment for all types of people. Like most other tech-based industries, inequality between females and males is problematic. Organizations such as Feminist Frequency have brought attention to the literature of games being male-centered. The criticism was not received well by adult male video-gamers.

As a challenge given through my class at RMCAD, I made the decision to address a few of these issues for women through data visualization.

Discovery & Research Analysis

A main criticism about Gender Issues in the video-game industry is presented in a way that flags men as the instigators and cause. This would have not been problematic if the research and information was better presented. Most of the research initial involved looking through Feminist Frequency Video Series.  To achieve an objective stance,  information regarding the quantitative data was needed.

Sticky notes displaying paper prototype
Digital prototype flow

Paper & Digital prototype of the information flow

Sketches & Ideation

Early stages of the design revolved around adding video-game symbolism and icons. By using these Icons, gamers can feel more comfortable when viewing the information.

Pictogram concepts

Early sketch detailing a few icons and layout

Building Infographic
Sprite Sheet for infographic poster

Illustrative concept created with a sprite sheet. Information displayed as a video-game dungeon. More information about sprites sheet here.

Style Guide


255, 255, 255
Dark Blue
10, 20, 31
Leaf Green
131, 184, 74
Dark Purple
158, 31, 99


  • Font for Header: Agency FB Bold
  • Font for Body Text: Lora Bold

Solution & Impact

With data visualization being represented by video-game icons and imagery, information regarding Gender Issues can be non-invasive to male-gamers.


Infographic Poster